Who Are We?

Blue Moon Advisors, Inc. engages companies seeking capital and organizational discipline through six core services:

(1) Professional-grade business finance document preparation including certified business plans, pitch decks, market research, financial projection models and company valuations;

(2) The CRR (“Capital Readiness Report”) – a proprietary capital readiness scoring and reporting system for assessing companies seeking capital;

(3) The Certified Business Plan™ is a program to identify and prepare enterprises to receive and manage their desired capitalization; 

(4) The MVP (“Management Virtual Portal”) – a fully managed online data room that maintains private company deal documentation, corporate governance and ongoing investor relations;

(5) The Blue Moon Advisor Network which is composed of over 200 pre-screened and registered members including high net worth individuals, accredited investors, angel investors, venture capitalists, third party crowd funding portal operators, private equity companies, lenders and other sources of potential capital for clients;

(6) Road show management services for finished projects that are capital-ready and wish to present at one of Blue Moon’s hosted road shows throughout the United States; and

(7) Business finance seminars and educational materials.

Capitalization Requires Preparedness; Are You Fund Ready?

Blue Moon Advisors is the contemporary resource to prepare and position companies for funding in today’s capitalization environment.

Blue Moon Advisors Capital Readiness Review

A disconnect often occurs between companies seeking capital and the investment community – that disconnect is the communication of the company’s opportunity, definition of capital needed and the compensation for risk. In turn, the opportunity should match investor suitability, the type and amount of capital available, the investor’s portfolio and risk tolerance.

Familiar, universal documentation and presentation materials should be shared between the parties. Such material needs to be compliant, professional, thorough and accurate. Blue Moon Advisors removes the disconnect by providing third party due diligence and documentation preparation in order for companies to be in a position to present their opportunity and raise capital with qualified capital sources.

Through the development of a proprietary ‘Capital Readiness Review’ Blue Moon Advisors has developed a comprehensive list of items needed by a business to become ‘fund-ready.’ With this report, Blue Moon advisors can: (1) Assess the completeness of the items; (2) Develop and execute missing items; (3) Compile the Documents into a data room for execution of a debt, private/public equity, or an Equity Crowdfund offering.

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Your Single Resource for Capital Readiness

• Most companies are not “fund ready” because their documentation is either not complete, not in order, or has not been created.

• Blue Moon Advisors’ internal team and external network of advisors coordinates the development, validation and data room management of business finance documents for Equity Based Crowd Funding, and other forms of capital.

• Most companies need the minimum of a Tombstone (1-Pager), Business Plan, Market Summary, Research, Pro Forma, Proof of Insurance, Corporate Entity filings, a Brand, Intellectual property, Financial Statements, Resumes, Disclosures and Exemption Forms.

• In fact, we have found that the average capital raise requires in excess of 25 documents.

• As web-based business capital sourcing becomes mainstream, we anticipate the need to clear out the bottleneck of documentation required in order for companies to achieve their goal of raising capital through debt, private or public equity.

• Within the Blue Moon advisor network are consultants, business planners, financial analysts, attorneys, accountants, graphic designers and others available to collaborate in order to help companies become “fund ready.”

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Our Advisor Services Don’t Stop There…

  • 1-Page Tombstone

  • 8-Panel Digital Brochure Design

  • 10-Slide Digital Overview

  • Certified© Business Plan

  • Confidential Business Assessment

  • Corporate Brand and Marketing Package

  • Crowdfunding Platform Setup & Data Room Management

  • Executive Summary

  • Immigration-based Business Plans

  • Incorporation Services

  • Marketing Conversion Tracking

  • Presentation Deck, PDF, Online & Flipbook

  • Private Equity-based Business Plans

  • Private Placement Memorandum, Including Attorney Fees

  • Pro Forma Development – Complex

  • Pro Forma Development – Simple

  • Public Relations Deployment

  • SBA Formatted Business Plan

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Standard Formatted Business Plan

  • Website Design & Development

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