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Blue Moon Advisors, Inc. is a business finance documentation firm that works to assist startup and growth companies seeking capital to become ‘fund-ready.’ In order to do so, Blue Moon Advisors provides comprehensive due diligence and market research, professional-grade business plans, financial pro forma development, website and logo design, marketing, brand management and other business consulting and related services.

Blue Moon Advisors has built a strong internal team and an expansive network of business professionals that aid in preparing issuers of securities for the capitalization process.

What Our Participants Are Saying:

I was able to focus on running my business while the Blue Moon Team prepared all the documents required to get us Fund Ready. They turned a nightmare of paperwork into a seamless, painless process for me and my team.
A. D’Alfonso, EV Structure
While I have been a business consultant for many years, I was impressed by the depth and specific knowledge I gained by attending a Blue Moon Advisor business finance Seminar.
S. Merritt, NV Leadership
The Blue Moon team wrote my business plan, coordinated my incorporation, and introduced me to insurance agents and bankers. They also, helped me with applications and forms to ensure everything was in alignment for me to expand and finance my company.

About the Blue Moon Network

Blue Moon Advisors is an internal and external, exclusive, qualified network of business finance experts that collaborate on a focused effort to effectuate fund readiness. This includes the development and execution of capital readiness documentation, processes, procedures, educational programs and compliance verification. It is also a network of Blue Moon investors seeking high-quality, fully vetted, capital ready companies.

Qualified applicants may be designated as a “Blue Moon Advisor” with benefits that include:

  • Blue Moon Advisory Directory
  • Invitations to collaborate on the Blue Moon Projects
  • Meet others in the network including entrepreneurs, advisors and investors
  • Earn Qualified Income for referrals and advisor services through a unique Blue Moon Network

Blue Moon Advisors Top-10 Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Blue Moon Advisors is a formal network of business finance professionals that specialize in the capitalization of start-up, formation-stage, seed and growth companies seeking alternative, speculative and primarily private capital. 75% of Advisors are direct sources of Capital. 25% are industry professionals and service providers.
We are a financial technology company that created, owns, operates and licenses a scalable, automated web-based software system that produces a funding feasibility score known as the Capital Readiness Report. Companies that reach a minimum of 925/1,000 are funded 100% of the time. We offer a companion service that provides a life-long corporate governance virtual data room service that maintains capital readiness through the life of the business.
Our mission is to provide a compliant, professional, time-sensitive, cost-conscious and realistic approach to the business finance process for our Clients.
Blue Moon Advisors serves the Private Securities market with fully compliant business finance documents, due diligence services, financial packaging, market studies, funding portals and training courses. We have five main revenue streams: (1) Capital Readiness Reports; (2) Business finance document preparation fees; (3) Ongoing corporate governance – be ready for capital at any time; (4) Training, education and course material as it relates to business finance; and (5) Licensing fees.

Blue Moon Advisors only works with Clients referred by Registered and fully contracted Blue Moon Advisor Network members. In this way, Clients have received a first pass in the vetting process.

After the completion of an 8-year study of successfully funded clients, we developed an industry-wide “Institutional Grade” standardized assessment and funding package process for the private capital community. Normally reserved for Pre-IPO, publicly traded, or PreM/A companies, Blue Moon Advisors philosophy is that all companies seeking capital should be highly vetted as being “capital Ready.” Of the last 31 funded projects in which we developed their financial packages, that averaged $1,087,000 in capital, all had earned at least 925.

We have sourced capital 45 different ways over a 20-year span. More recently, our sources of capital include: Angels, Accredited (High net Worth); Title II, Title III and Title IV JOBS Act programs (Funding Portals and Crowdfunding); Private placements; SBA; Private Equity; Venture Capital; and EB-5.

In the Network space our competitors are the Association for Financing Professionals. In the assessment, scoring, research and rating space our competition is limited, but is most likely comparable to publicly traded company rating services such as Moody’s Analytics, Fitch Ratings and S&P. In the business finance preparation and consulting arena our direct competitors are Growthink, Start-Up garage, Accenture and Cayenne Consulting. In the Funding Portal space our competitors are Wealthforge, StartEngine, U.S. Capital Partners and Seed Invest.

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