About Blue Moon Advisors

1. What is your primary message?
Our tag line is: “We are a Private Sector Rating Agency” – Our Motto is: “Trust but verify”

2. What do you do?
We are a fee-based due diligence, underwriting, rating agency and business finance documents firm.

3. Who do you serve?
Our Clients are the capital sources (brokers, commercial bankers, commercial real estate investors, family offices, investment bankers, private equity investors, and VCs) or referral sources (accountants, attorneys and Blue Moon Advisors who are subject matter experts) that are seeking investments or need to sort through their deal flow. We refer to the companies being analyzed as the “enterprises.”

4. What are “Blue Moon Advisors?”
They are a network of subject matter experts that serve capital sources with due diligence, underwriting and documentation that relates to the capitalization of enterprises.

5. What is your Mission?
We serve the private capital market segment of the business finance sector by applying a proven, analytic and objective process to identifying the most relevant and high value attributes of potentially successful enterprises thereby saving time and money by managing investment risk in privately held enterprises.

6. What is your value proposition?
Our value proposition delivers a unique ability to provide independent business finance documentation to enterprises in multiple sectors, stages of development, and capital need types.

7. What is the CRR Score™ or “Capital Readiness Report™?”
The first phase of engagement with us is completion of the Due Diligence punch list to validate feasibility of funding via the Capital Readiness Report™, powered by the CRR Score™. The CRR Score™ was developed through a 10-year study from 2008 to 2017.

8. What are Underwriting Services?
A CRR Score™ of 925 does not guarantee capital. It confirms that due diligence has been completed, and that the Enterprise has clearly presented its history, defined its business model, financial model, presentation materials, financial projections and value. In addition to the CRR Score™ we prepare an “underwriter’s summary.” While tied to the CRR Score™, the summary provides a combination of subjective and objective analysis of the enterprise and its feasibility of success and capitalization.

9. How do you earn revenue?
Based upon a chart of accounts with 112-line items of possible deliverables, capital marketplace Clients with consistent deal flow pay a monthly subscription. Individual projects may be bid on a case-by-case basis. We also offer one-off deliverables and an hourly rate program.

10. What is an average engagement?
When hired to complete a CRR Score™, Capital Readiness Report™ and Certified Business Plan™ with all corresponding due diligence, documentation, financial modeling, assessment, and due diligence, the average service agreement is $30,000 and takes 45 business days. The average initial retainer is $2,500.

11. What we are not
We do not directly or indirectly represent capital fundraising sources. We serve the sources of capital that send us their enterprises for analysis. We are not brokers, but we often serve brokers.

12. What direct-to-enterprise services do you provide?
Enterprises can hire Blue Moon Advisors directly for business finance document consulting and specific deliverables either individually or as a package: (1) 1-page tear sheet, (2) business model canvas, (3) business valuations. (4) Certified Business Plan™, (5) CRR Score™, (6) Capital Readiness Report™, (7) market feasibility study, (8) presentation deck, (9) pro forma development, (10) Situation Analysis, (11) strategic planning, and (12) tactical planning.