On March 24th, we will be opening our doors to investors in Las Vegas and Southern California as we host two of our fully-qualified, investment-grade clients who have gone through the entire Blue Moon fund-readiness process to acquire the Blue Moon 925 score.

The Blue Moon 925 score is simply an indication that these two clients worked with our team to put all the pieces together that we have found to be necessary to be in place to increase chances of having a successful fund raise. Our team has worked step-by-step to complete their business plan, due diligence, market research, a proper valuation, financial pro formas, branding, capital marketing and more.

The idea is to prepare our clients so that they can start presenting to investor networks with confidence and a thorough understanding of the value that they are specifically poised to offer the marketplace. You never know when they’ll run into a potential investor and have to be able to present the bullet points on the spot.

When our clients have done all that they need to do in order to reach the Blue Moon 925 score, it’s time for them to get in front of investors. For a while, our CEO was on the road presenting on behalf of our clients until it became clear that the investors needed to meet the clients themselves. That’s why we’ve started hosting our clients and investors who are looking for new investment opportunities in the Las Vegas area – and beyond.

This month, we’re pleased to be hosting five of our clients with distinct skill sets, decades of impressive experience and a passion for bettering the lives of their customers.

About The Presenters

Phil Pritchard, Founder of Saber Manufacturing:
Saber Manufacturing is is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of precision ammunition that has developed an unrivaled patented process to yield ultra-high quality ammunition at extraordinarily high production levels.
Matt Doran, CEO of Advntur
Advntur is a trailblazing online platform for sport and travel enthusiasts that is poised to capitalize on the unprecedented market opportunity within the peer-to-peer services industry.
Joe Hipple & Justin Chavez, Live Victorious
Live Victorious is more than an apparel brand; the Live Victorious symbolism is deeply rooted into, and reflective of, an exceptional way of life.
Michael Mohr, CEO Plugilo
Plugilo connects consumers with structured content and information from manufacturers and businesses.
Ofir Ventura, CEO AdYoYo
AdYoYo is a cutting-edge online and mobile marketplace that fundamentally changes the way individuals and small businesses market their products.

Meet the clients and RSVP here.

We hope to see you at our Start-Up Showcase in Las Vegas on March 24th.