Tia Borden Interviews Tony Drexel Smith of Blue Moon at the 5th Annual Global CrowdFunding Convention

InvestmentPitch.com primarily produces an innovative marketing package consisting of a short 3 minute video news alert, which is distributed worldwide across the Internet, and also embedded into a traditional text-based globally disseminated news release. This combination gives public companies unprecedented geographic online and offline exposure at a price less than a traditional news release. Our video news alerts, delivered by one of our news anchors, are usually based on research reports and significant news releases.

Using their close association with several industry experts they also produce corporate management interviews, as well as presentations at investment conferences, corporate road shows and company meetings. Their virtual studio equipment has many other applications such as the creation of marketing and educational templates for financial advisors.

InvestmentPitch Media has already established itself as the leading producer and distributor of video content for publicly listed companies, so it is a natural step to open their extensive distribution network to private companies seeking to raise funds.

InvestmentPitch was formally incorporated as IPE InvestmentPitch Enterprises Ltd. in October 2007

Here, Tia Borden of Investment Pitch Media, Interviews Tony Drexel Smith while at the 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention: