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Meet Our Team

Tony Drexel Smith
Tony Drexel Smith Founder & Chief Executive Officer Blue Moon Consortium
Tony specializes in professional-grade business finance documentation and start-ups. Specific services include: Business plan development, due-diligence, Private Placement Memoranda (PPM) supporting documentation, validation of claims, assumption worksheets, research, and pro forma development.

Tony has worked with over Seven Hundred (700) clients in Twenty-Two (22) industries since 1995. He has specifically completed hundreds of projects relating to business valuations, C-Level consulting-coaching, certified business planning, commercial bank credit applications, confidential business assessments, IB financing (Investment Banking), market planning, demographic research, market penetration modeling, non-complex credit applications, PPM (Private Placement RD 504-6) supporting documents, Title II (Crown fund RD 506(c), Crowd Funding and SBA loan packaging.

He lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada, but works with clients throughout the world (all-hours, all time zones). He authored the book on business start-ups – The Essential Handbook for Small Businesses ISBN# 978-0-9840365-0-9 in 2011. He also wrote, published and distributed The Business Development Directory in 2008. He is a graduate of the University of La Verne with a degree in Business Administration with Cum Laude Honors.

Leslye Noel Galati
Leslye Noel Galati Co-founder, Director & Chief of Administration
For over 10 years Leslye Galati has been serving small to medium enterprises in the capitalization process. Ms. Galati has been a senior project manager since 2003 having managed more than 100 companies through her executive management roles in Blue Moon Advisors, LLC, US Business Incubator, SUMATIICI, Inc. and SoCalBizOps, Inc.
Before initiating her career in business finance, Ms. Galati worked as a Buyer and Department Manager for Nordstrom from 1990 to 2005; her duties included ensuring employee growth and satisfaction, overseeing and maintaining customer service, communicating with upper management about department operations and needs as well as general supervision of department operations.
Ms. Galati serves Blue Moon Advisors in the critical areas of compliance and administration. She serves as the interim compliance officer and liaison with FINRA for registrations Forms D and C, supervises budgets, payroll, staff hiring, contracts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, document management and due diligence. Additionally, Ms. Galati is the primary coordinator of Blue Moon Advisory Services and serves as a liaison between the Clients and internal staff, executives, strategic partners and consultants.
Ms. Galati also serves her Clients as a Subject Matter Expert in Food & Beverage. She is a master of designing menus, recipes and overseeing test kitchen projects. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts, Pasadena, California, 2008
William (“Bill”) C. Attinger
William (“Bill”) C. Attinger President, Blue Moon Advisors
Bill Attinger has spent the last 20 years as a leader and innovator in growing, financing and grooming early stage and lower middle-market companies. Through his background in finance and investment banking, he knows how to quantitatively evaluate companies and advise them “by the numbers”. As a founder or co-founder of five companies and an adviser to dozens more, he has accumulated a depth of practical hands-on operational experience across a breadth of industries.

In addition to operations and finance, Mr. Attinger’s career includes a depth of experience in marketing, branding and business development for a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses, including the integration of social media and mobile marketing into a company’s commercial strategy. He understands how to leverage major social media platforms, online technologies and analytical tools to drive activation, enhance the customer experience and ultimately generate new business. As an investment banker for Morgan Stanley in the 1990’s, Mr. Attinger structured more than $1 billion of publicly-offered securities using innovative, derivative-based financing structures, and his derivative research has been published in the Financial Analysts Journal. Bill earned his Bachelors in economics and Masters in Finance from the University of Alabama.

In addition to his role at Blue Moon Advisors, Bill serves as a Managing Director, Venture Management, for Global Trust Group and serves on the Board of Directors for Raise the Money Inc. and Syndicate Ventures LLC.

Emily Rosenthal
Emily RosenthalOffice Manager
Emily joined the Blue Moon Advisors team with over 30 years of customer service experience. Raised in Orange County, California, Ms. Rosenthal moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1995 with her husband Michael.

Before joining the Blue Moon Advisors team, Ms. Rosenthal was a long-standing employee with Claim Jumper, where she gained 15 years of experience building Las Vegas area restaurants as well as developing the integral service skills of team coordination and training, effective communication with a variety of clientele and personality types as well as problem solving in a fast-paced environment.

Ms. Rosenthal brings a strong, multi-dimensional, skillset to Blue Moon Advisors, where she attends to the needs of both Clients and the Blue Moon Advisory Network. Ms. Rosenthal’s duties as office manager include: Client customer service, Client onboarding, management and coordination of critical internal documents, maintaining and coordinating the office and executive schedules, Advisor services and serves as a liaison between the Blue Moon executive team, the Blue Moon project management team, Clients, investors and advisors.

Janet Tran
Janet Tran Vice President of Client Services
Janet is from Fountain Valley, California. She’s worked in the retail banking industry for Five (5) years. She started at Wells Fargo as a Lead Teller where she managed a team of Seven (7) Tellers. Then moved to the In-Store District at US Bank as a banker. Within a year at US Bank, she moved up the ranks to Branch Assistant. Before Janet left the banking industry to pursue a career at Zappos, she was a Supervisor for an In-Store branch. She has a degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.

Her extensive experience in Project Management, Risk Analysis, Writing and Customer Service elevated when she worked at the multi-billion-dollar online retailer,, as an Order Verification Supervisor. She managed a team of 15 representatives. With her help, the department successfully transferred to Amazon’s Jupiter Order Verification System and decreased financial losses for the company by 10% in 2014. Janet left Zappos, after months of encouragement from her mentors at Zappos, to transform her side business as a freelance writer into a full-time business. Writing is Janet’s passion and she enjoys the thrill of creating new content for a wide variety of topics.

As an Entrepreneur, Janet has worked with local businesses and several Internet Marketing companies for the following services: (1) social media management and content creation, (2) copy writer, (3) web copy, (4) product description and reviews, (5) SEO blog writer, (6) proofreading and copy editing, (7) press releases, (8) and other writing activities needed for a strong Online Marketing campaign. Her extensive knowledge in financials, writing, business management and customer relations is an excellent contribution to the Blue Moon Advisors team.

Kacey Ballard
Kacey Ballard Vice President of Portal Operations
Originally from Green River, Wyoming, Kacey moved to Las Vegas in 2014 after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a second Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Wyoming. She graduated with the esteemed award of Outstanding Graduate of 2014 from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Kacey went on to complete her Master’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, orienting her coursework around research methods and writing. During this time, she worked for the university as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and as a Graduate Research Assistant. These positions involved both working closely with students to encourage their development and critical thinking skills, as well as taking on research and writing projects for university faculty in order to aid them in the publication process.

Kacey has been aiding issuers of securities with the capitalization process at Blue Moon Advisors for nine months. During that time Kacey has worked with over thirty Clients in a wide-ranging breadth of industries. As Vice President of Portal Operations, Kacey collaborates with a team of dedicated professionals that work to prepare business plans, due diligence, pro forma development, and other business consulting and related services, as well as portal management services for the Company’s virtual private placement portals: Castle Peak Finance and Invest-A-Grand.

Nita Jones
Nita JonesVice President of Research
Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nita Jones is a true native. After attending high school right here in the valley, Nita went on to further her education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. In 2014, she was awarded her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, which allowed her to become more familiar with the processes of studying and facilitating human social interactions. Motivated by her passion and love of her studies, Nita began graduate school in 2014, focusing still on Communication Studies, but placing an emphasis in interpersonal communication and research. During her time in the graduate program, Nita was invited to become a graduate teaching assistant, where she taught Public Speaking courses to undergraduates. Her curriculum focused on understanding public relations and creating effective and meaningful public presentations for audiences. After an extensive period of collecting data and transforming it into research, Nita was able to complete and defend her capstone project, earning her the advanced degree of Master’s of Art.

With her time outside of work, Nita can be found prowling around the community, whether upside down while teaching a yoga class or walking her dog Schmoogz at the local dog park.

Skye Kopfman
Skye KopfmanVice President of Production
Skye Kopfman is a project manager at Blue Moon Advisors specializing in business plan writing. As project manager Skye takes Clients from a starting score- to a 925 or above on BMA’s proprietary Capital Readiness Report system. Her focus is the specific business plan data points within the Capital Readiness Report. Ensuring the thorough due diligence in the preparation of all business plans and pro forma development to ensure that clients are “ready to issue securities or debt” or take on capital in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. From Fort Lupton, Colorado with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition with an emphasis in Nutrition Communication from Arizona State University. Skye has extensive experience in documentation preparation for companies in several industries. She began her career as an Associate Intern for Shape Up US Volunteer Department where she helped organize program events. Furthermore, her experience in writing and editing a healthy children’s cookbook, “Lunchbox Kids,” prepared her to become an excellent Technical Writer and Documentation Manager for Blue Moon Advisors.
Jeff Talbert
Jeff TalbertVice President of Finance
Originally from Arlington, Virginia, Jeff completed his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 2010. Jeff has lived and worked in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the past four years with his wife Jenn Talbert and his dog Charlie.

Jeff has worked on varying financial models for small businesses including agriculture, retail, investment, medical, and technology companies. Before coming to Blue Moon, Mr. Talbert spent 2 years implementing entity and tax structures for start-up businesses. This position also included comprehensive experience with all type of entities including C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietor businesses. He has filed and signed hundreds of tax returns including form 1040s, form 1120s, form 1120Ss, and form 1065 returns.

Prior to that position, he was a successful equities trader for 10 years and has extensive experience with OTC markets and financial statements. He achieved annualized returns of 29.83% trading his own funds from January of 2003 through January of 2014.

Erin Vazquez
Erin VazquezVice President of Marketing
Erin Vazquez has had a lifelong love for writing that guided her to her ten-year career in marketing. She started working with a Fortune 500 company as junior copywriter where she learned the behind-the-scenes of big business and then moved to a boutique agency. Though she was officially hired at the boutique agency as a senior copywriter, she received an unexpected education in entrepreneurship, business and ambition that gave her a deep appreciation and love for savvy business persons who are able to create something out of nothing thanks to the mentorship of the boutique’s president and owner. From there, she started her own business creating content and executing content marketing for professional life, business and financial coaches. Once she moved from Colorado to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, she felt that it was time to go find her new, local tribe and it wasn’t long until she did exactly that at Blue Moon Advisors. As they say, the rest is history.

When not serving as the Vice President of Marketing for Blue Moon Advisors, Erin enjoys yoga, exploring Las Vegas’ outdoor activities, writing for her own blog, reading and hanging out in the kitchen sampling which ever amazing dish her husband is cooking at the moment.

Sha Jin
Sha JinBlue Moon Advisor
With a strong background in business operations and strategist and management consulting, Sha Jin has more 8 years of experience. Before joining Blue Moon Advisors, she held a number of leadership positions and thrives during challenging situations. Sha has a proven tack record of achieving company goals.
Sha’s clients have included companies operating in the manufacturing, cosmetic, education, technology, Pharmaceutical and agricultural. In addition, she has particular experience with companies new to the public markets; having overseen the companies’ private and public securities offering, reverse mergers and IPO. She has proven herself successful in all areas of practice management including human resources, strategic planning, and implementation of practice management, financial, operational and sales functions.
Sha’s experience on the practice side has provided her with the ability to easily communicate with, and understand the needs of business owner and staff. She enjoys projects that allow her to work alongside practice leaders and their team, bringing positive change, implement initiatives and maximizing efficiency in a rapidly changing environment.
Chinese (native), English
Marcus Martinez
Marcus MartinezBlue Moon Advisor
Mr. Martinez received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics Degree from San Diego State University where he specialized in global and domestic relationships in Economics, Business Cycles and Investments. Working at The Renaldi Group, Inc., a private equity firm, he was responsible for the procurement of Qualified Investors which provided a strong foundation for the growth of the firm and the successful placement of their investment capital. Previously working with a top producing Financial Advising Group at Merrill Lynch, he constructively built key relationships with existing and prospective affluent clients.
After spending 4 years in financial services, both in Global Wealth Management and private equity, Marcus shifted his focus into a consultant role. For the last 9 years, he has consulted on numerous ventures in such roles as a Client Relationship Manager, Strategic Relations Consultant, and Investor Relations. Most recently as a Business Development & Marketing Account Manager specializing in digital/social media strategy, Marcus actively contributes towards the maintenance and growth of existing business relationships both online and offline with an emphasis on brand building.