The following companies have been incubated and/or advised by Blue Moon Advisors and have achieved the coveted 925 Capital Readiness Report score

1 Up Golf

1 Up Golf provides an entertainment experience unlike any other in San Diego and a business environment sorely lacking in the area.
The entertainment experience centers around 77 well-appointed and spacious private suites, 8 large luxury suites, a sports bar, a bourbon and craft beer lounge, a rooftop party deck, bathed in So-Cal sun by day and soft ocean breezes by night, and a top-tier dining experience delivered in a casual and comfortable way, like only San Diego can!

In each suite patrons will enjoy comfortable seating, food and beverage service, flat panel TV’s and a wide range of golf games. Experienced golfers will relish the way our proprietary technology system, developed by Foresight Sports, enables them to play a virtual round of golf at some of the world’s great courses. Inexperienced players will appreciate the simple and fun games they can play and the frequent rewards and bonuses they can earn. Millennials will love the ability to link their entire experience immediately to the many social media devices and networks they live their lives on today.


Family owned and operated, AdYoYo is the brain child of one of our founders. He decided to look on the local listings to purchase a sofa. He pulled up the listing, saw a picture, and contacted the seller. When he arrived to pay and pick up the sofa, it was a children’s size sofa. He could do nothing but laugh and that is when it hit him. Video…. Why not list new and used items for sale with video in place of just pictures. This can give the seller an opportunity to show every little thing about the item he was selling in detail and the buyer the opportunity to not waste his time.

Our mission is simple and clear. We are about making the connection locally for buyers and sellers, to purchase and sell items they are looking for in the easiest and quickest way possible. With this said, with over 20 years in Business in Las Vegas and owning and operating multiple successful businesses, AdYoYo has the minds of multiple founders that have put their heart and soul into producing this Listing and Selling Application.

ART Concrete Solutions

ART Concrete Solutions is a revolutionary patent pending polymer hybrid composite concrete repair solution. The proprietary formulation of aggregate, resin, hardener and other ingredients withstands the environmental elements of moisture and chemicals. After years of extensive research (including altitude, environment and temperature variations), ART is pleased to provide this product to the market.

The ART formulation can repair damaged concrete in less than 30 minutes with a cure time of less than 60 minutes (Final cure time may vary depending on outside temperature and the size of the repair). It is 4 times stronger than concrete. This means less traffic disruption, business disruptions, lower risk of liability, lower labor costs and far less machinery involved. Traditional methods require the repair area to be cut, material completely removed, hauled away, compacted and replaced necessitating closure of the area. The system allows the repair to take place without significant material removal minimizing the impacted area, requiring less heavy equipment and limiting business or operation interruption.

EV Structure

We are The Ev Structure Company an independent authority on Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) and Charging Station Electrical Infrastructures. Our current infrastructure and installation clients include Action Properties, Enterprise Rental Car, Kohl’s Retail Chain, a contractor team for Auto Makers such as BMW & SPX -GM Chevy VOLT, OpConnect who took over The Better Place Network in Hawaii,Car Charging Group (formerly Blink Network), BMW, ABM, Deployment Partners, as well as the Go-To Company for Cities, Municipalities and Universities nationally. We understand all the components for detailed electrical planning, installation and service. We take “CHARGE” of all EV readiness programs with a “cradle to grave” plan.

Our Services include: objective expert advice and sourcing to the HOA, AOAO, Multi Unit Dwelling Communities, Commercial, Retail, Public, Government and Residential EV decision makers including: property owner and managers specializing in HOA/ AOAO/MUD properties, fleet and facilities managers, corporate CFOs and HR teams, government officials, LEED builders and consumers. Your resource for EV info including EV Charging Station options, acquisition, business models, policy, financial impact, tax and grant incentives and installation requirements for standard grid, smart grid and/or PV solar implementation with Solar Car Port Structures.

Electrum Partners

With a global reputation for leadership and vision, Electrum Partners is an advisory services firm specializing in medical and recreational cannabis and ancillary businesses, founded by Leslie Bocskor, former investment banker known for success, leadership and disruption in emerging markets, technologies and finance.  The experienced senior leadership team takes great pride in engineering the underpinnings of successful business entries and exits across the full spectrum of cannabis business verticals, and helping to develop policy and regulatory frameworks with an acute understanding and knowledge of regulatory complexities.

We partner with private and public companies, policymakers, governments, entrepreneurs and investors looking for an edge to improve and maximize shareholder value and liquidity, as well as companies that are looking to make the private-to-public transition.  We all know that cannabis is not a single industry but dozens of sub-industries, each with its own barriers-to-entry, capital requirements, unique market traits, and paths to success. As we help bring your ideas to fruition, we draw upon our ability to identify opportunities and create wins. You can count on Electrum Partners to help grow your business’ value and footprint, assisting you to navigate through markets where tumultuous dynamics are at work.

Riveting Entertainment

RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT produces Music Videos, Commercials, Films and Television Shows.

RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT is a dynamic Production and Management company loaded with a cartel of hand-selected business savvy executives and creative leaders. Having produced hundreds of music videos for top artists, international commercials and print campaigns, Riveting is skillfully working its way into the world of feature film and television production. RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT continually grows and develops with the fast-paced world of entertainment and is groomed to tackle the industry’s major productions of today and tomorrow.

2013 MTV VMA – BEST MALE VIDEO: Chris Brown “Turn Up The Music”

2011 VIDEO OF THE YEAR (BET AWARDS): Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes “Look at me Now”

2011 VMA – BEST MALE VIDEO: Justin Bieber “U Smile”


AGTools is a revolutionary solution that serves as a key component to address major communication gaps between farmers and food retailers. Reduce waste, increase profits and streamline the growing cycle for farmers to insure operational success. At the core of the solution is taking immense amounts of data and simplifying it down to key factors to improve decision making for farmers, corporate buyers and all food supply chain stakeholders. AGTools proprietary technology incorporates all levels of information providing easy and comparative real data to farmers, suppliers and buyers of tier I, II, III. Alerts and information that will directly benefit and influence decisions in the industry on a regular basis such as weather patterns, terminal pricing, oil, consumer trends and more.

CRI Counter Terrorism Training School

CRI Counter Terrorism Training School offers comprehensive instruction to military, law enforcement, dignitary protection, private security, civilians, professional bodyguards and federal agencies in the Israeli Method of training for combat and peacekeeping situations. The Israeli Method of training offers a special and unique knowledge of countering terrorism, guerrilla warfare, and crime. CRI’s sole purpose is to provide some of the most tactically realistic training as possible. We understand that when our trainees leave our school they may only have one chance to, “get it right” in a hostile situation.

Our vision is to continue to be one of the most trusted companies contributing to the security and freedom of our nation and its allies. As a counter-terrorism training leader, we continue to develop new methods of combating modern terrorism we face as a nation and the world. As a vocational school, it is our goal to continue to make a positive impact on our students’ lives and livelihood.

Dorudus Labs

Doradus Labs is a software development and technical support company that bridges that gap between business needs and machine learning technology. Our process starts by understanding the business domain and everything that makes that business run. Then we design machine learning software around the idea of making that business run better and more efficiently.

ECO Integrated Technologies

ECO ADVANCED CLEANTECH SOLUTIONS focuses on leading edge environmental technologies that boost our customer’s profit, provide more efficient operations, and help our environment while producing a healthy profit for our shareholders. ECO is in the first phase of our future: Phase I – Oil and Gas produced water disposal alternative. Phase II – Solid Waste conversion into profitable commodities. Phase III – Commercial wastewater treatment. Our technologies are an “A+” to our customers: Significant cost savings over their existing systems, Resolve their environmental problems, Better, smoother operations, safe and reliable.

Energy Blox

Wind Turbine and Energy Storage technologies. EnergyBlox’s CFD analyzed low-cost, revolutionary vertical array has advantages compared to old designs: requires <20% of the acreage, is quiet and easy to install, virtually eliminates bird and bat kill, and harvests higher power at all wind speeds. EnergyBlox’s prototype-proven energy storage system (“ESS”) uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water, stores both gases, and uses them in its fuel cell to efficiently generate electric power when needed, effectively mimicking a battery’s function but with much longer life and a more than 50% cost savings.

First Round Management

First Round Management is a full-service NFL Football player and MMA fighter management firm based in Miami, Florida. Our mission is to provide a family-oriented service for our clients in order to create an atmosphere of transparency, accessibility, and dependability. We believe that our clients should be treated as people, not just a commodity based on draft value. It is also our duty to provide sufficient and resourceful information for our clients so they are equipped to handle any situation.

Good 2 Go

The Good2Go restroom-on-demand app handles everything from locating the nearest facility to unlocking and opening the door. Enjoy touchless access and modern, water-conserving fixtures for an altogether upgraded experience. Good2Go location partner restrooms are ADA compliant, all-gender, and include baby changing stations.

Good2Go pricing is by visit, day, or month. It’s a small price to pay for big convenience, especially for tourists, rideshare drivers and parents of young children. And when you’re a retail patron access is always free, just request a code.

GT Securities

For independent Investment Bankers, M&A Advisors and Institutional Financiers seeking a best-in-class platform on and in which to transact deals, we offer a full program of FINRA compliance and add-on services delivered in a highly collaborative and professional environment.

GT Securities is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

We offer four specific services:

M&A Sponsorship
Placement Agent Sponsorship
Interim Sponsorship
Chaperoning/Foreign BD Sponsorship