Tony Drexel Smith from Blue Moon Advisors on CEO Money

Blue Moon Advisors is a business finance consulting firm that serves high net worth individuals, family offices, private equity funds and venture capitalists in support of financing early stage, growth, Nano to small-cap companies. The Company provides three primary products: (1) The Capital Readiness Report, a due diligence tool; (2) Business finance documents packaging (The Blue Moon Book); (3) The Management Virtual Portal (MVP).
CEO Tony Drexel Smith specializes in professional-grade business finance documentation and start-ups. Specific services include: Business plan development, due-diligence, Private Placement Memoranda (PPM) supporting documentation, validation of claims, assumption worksheets, research, and pro forma development.
Tony has worked with over Seven Hundred (700) clients in Twenty-Two (22) industries since 1995. He has specifically completed hundreds of projects relating to business valuations, C-Level consulting-coaching, certified business planning, commercial bank credit applications, confidential business assessments, IB financing (Investment Banking), market planning, demographic research, market penetration modeling, non-complex credit applications, PPM (Private Placement RD 504-6) supporting documents, Title II (Crown fund RD 506(c), Crowd Funding and SBA loan packaging.
His new book, The Blue Moon Book will be out in Q3. The “Blue Moon Book” is both a physical and virtual presentation of business finance documents in support of early stage, seed capital and growth companies seeking capital. The book organizes all elements of the Capital Readiness Report process into the delivery of the materials that investors and lenders need to make an informed decision. The book also includes the entire financial package in one document. That includes (1) Business Canvas; (2) Market Study; (3) Competitive Analysis; (4) Summary of the Offering; (5) Financial Model; (6) Business; (7) Valuation; (8) Presentation Deck; (9) Offering Documents; (10) Exit Strategy.